pages and menus

Which pages do you want to include on your website?  The number of pages you’re likely to end up with will decide the size of the menu bar and it’s location.

It may be better to split into two menus if required – a sub menu: your products and services (about us . product type one . product type two . photo gallery), and main menu: general items (home . login . search . contact us . useful links . faqs . disclaimer).  If you have a number of products, group them logically.  If you have a lot of items, think about having sub menu items or grouping pages together.  For example, “About Us” may include “Meet the Team”, “Our Clients”, “Our Vision” etc.

If you have a complex site that requires sub menus, please include a site map so that I can see which pages fit under the main menu items.

Get creative with the naming conventions.  For example, the About Us page for Joe’s Boats could be called “About Joe’s Boats”, “Why Joe’s Boats”, “Why”, “Who Are We”, “Who’s Joe?”, “Boats, boats, boats”, “Want a Boat” etc.

Some ideas for pages are below:

Home page – brief description of the business, pictorial content and logo.  May contains contact details.

About Us – What does your business do.  How long have you been in business.  Brief description of products or services.  Why choose you.

Our Products/Services – Detailed information of services or products provided.  These may have their own separate pages within this section or be available from the home page as their own individual menu items.

Contact Us – Your contact details ie. Business name, addresses, email (link), phone, mobile & fax numbers.  Map if required (an interactive google map can easily be embedded).  You may want to get information from clients and require a form for them to fill out.  Have a think about what details you need.  Basic info for a form would be Name, Email and Contact Phone Number, plus a text area for them to write their question, followed by a submit button.  You then require some text for a “Thank You” page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – What questions do you commonly get asked by clients.  Keep the answers simple and easy to follow, and include a link to your email and a contact number at the top of the page in case the question they are asking isn’t on the page.  It is a good idea to have links to each question at the top of the page so that the client can scan the questions and link down to the answer they’re requiring.

Useful Links – Do you work with other companies or want to help promote other businesses that could help build your business?  For example, if you own a guesthouse, you would include a link to businesses that have products and services that may enhance their visit to your region such as museums, restaurants, wineries, etc.

Of course some of these pages may not suit your business.  Each website I create is individually tailored to the client, so if you need help working out which pages to include for your site, give me a call on 08 9574 4106.