Does your business need billboards, shop signage, car, boat & truck artwork, banners or flags?  There are many options available and are a very efficient way of letting the public know who and where you are.

Signage isn’t necessarily 2D either.  I had a fabulous time creating designs for the New Zealand coastguard rescue boats, and enjoyed creating the Bannister Downs fleet of trucks.  Some promote the milk pouches, various cows that appear on the packaging, or include my crazy cow illustrations.

I have also designed numerous pull up banners, banners that attach with eyelets and ropes, festive flags and much more.  These are great promotional tools for presentations and public events.  Festive flags are often seen on road verges and catch the attention of drivers as they go past.  These can be both single and double sided and are often seen outside shops or at shows to promote brands and companies.

I can organise vinyl stickers for attaching to smaller vehicles, trailer or ute through Grove Wesley Designs as well as magnetic signs that can peel on and off as you require them. Vicki and Karen from Grove Wesley have also adorned alpaca trailers for me, corflute signage, plus shop signage which ranged from painted backing boards with vinyl stickers to full colour stickers mounted onto metal backing. They can be couriered down south or delivered to your door if you’re in Perth. You can install the signs yourself or the girls at Grove Wesley are happy to do it for you.