about me

heather frank | designer

I’ve always loved art and illustrating, so design was my obvious choice for a profession.  I’ve been a commercial graphic artist since I left Curtin University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts, having majored in multimedia.  It seemed obvious at the time that the web was the happening thing and computers were just becoming a designer’s best friend.  Of course the world keeps on spinning and technology keeps on getting better and better so every month I seem to be having to learn yet another program or update in order to keep up with change.  I love it!

After uni I moved to Sydney and had a great time designing interactive childrens’ books and writing the madcap animation sequences.  In 1996 I came back to Perth as the senior designer for the web development company Pretzel Logic, where I worked with many high profile clients both in Australia and overseas. When my daughter was born in December 1999 I began to take on some of my own clients and began to work part time for Pretzel from home.

By the time my son Leighton was born my client base had grown and I enjoyed the lifestyle and diversity of my work so much that I started designing full time for myself.  My projects are extremely varied; from high end to simple websites, print ads, book covers, food packaging, illustration, logo design and stationery. Every day creates a challenge with each client requiring a completely unique design style. As well as designing and programming websites and WordPress sites for my clients, I also continue to design websites for other web design companies throughout Western Australia.

Just this month I’ve finally got to finally move into my new office – part of our new house extension. We’ve built it from the ground up – floorboards, walls and all – so am looking forward to many a late night, huddled over the computer while surrounded by my various illustrated “friends” – the Holy Smoke critters and Bannister Downs cows.  And the client I’m working for…well that just could be you!!